al-Barakaat has been removed from terror list

Sweden | 2009-10-26
The Swedish branch of the Somali bank-network al-Barakaat has been removed from the UN terror list. It was on the list for eight years and had their bank account frozen.

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It was in November 2001 that the Swedish branch of al-Barakaat was included in the terror list of the UN. Three Swedish-Somalis were among those who suffered from this.

What al-Barakaat was doing was a so called hawala-activity. This is a way of tranfering money to places where there is no functioning bank system. But after they were put on the terror list their activity has been temporarily down. Their money, around one million SEK (appr. 100 000 euro), was frozen but they will now have access to it.

According to Swedish Public Radio broadcaster SR, the UN has not motivated why the Swedish branch of al-Barakaat has been removed from the list. It is a fact however that there has been a change in EU´s position to the many organizations that have been too easily included in the UN terror list. This might have affected the UN position.


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