Leagues of burglars work in Stockholm

Stockholm | 2010-08-05 | 2 comments
League of organized burglars are operating in Stockholm according to the police. The extent of their ‘business’ is bigger than previously anticipated.

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- As it seems; there are two groups which are responsible for a clear majority of the break-ins says police officer Thomas Mileborn to the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The groups normally work in a very professional way. They make however mistakes; in the home of one of the victims the police found communication equipment and tools for climbing on the outside wall that were left on the scene of the crime.
One of the groups, with roots in South America, seems to have only females in leading positions which is a bit unusual.

The police believe that this business is much bigger than we have seen so far.

- This is just the tip of the iceberg says Mileborn to DN

Readers' comments

2010-08-17 19:23 Ann M wrote:
I live in Texas & visit Stockholm & Malmo for relatives. A gang from El Salvador"MS13" for "Maria Salvatrucha" is responsible for a lot of crimes here some brutal and they do not mess around. Many prison gangs from all ethnic groups especially Hispanic use a teardrop tattoo on the corner of the eye signifying murders performed for the gang. Usually no more than 3 no matter how many hits. Look for this tat as a high status mark among those in the criminal enterprise. Cross-pollination among ethnic gangs happens as a function of professional expertise used in the crimes. We have a large population of ethnic minorities from every nation here in Houston so I have experience to make this opinion. I would be careful not to make assumptions about any particular group other than criminals & not based on ethnicity per-se
2010-08-06 07:17 wrote:
Why don´t you look for FARC terrorists allowed by your permisivity to live in your country?. They use to live in Colombia from drug export, kiddnapping and other actions. Waker-up!!!

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