Sweden sends help to Pakistan

Sweden | 2010-08-10
Sweden will send utilities and staff to flooded Pakistan to contribute to the production of drinking water.

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Sweden has offered Pakistan assistance to deal with the consequences of the big flooding. Pakistan has accepted Sweden's offer. Sweden will send eight water cleaning aggregates which together have a capacity to support 18,000 people with clean drinking water.

Eight persons will go to Pakistan along with the equipment to make shure that it works ok. These are water and service technicians.

- According to our calculations, the aggregates can work 20 hours per day, which means approximately 120,000 litres. That is enough for 8,000 persons if each person gets 15 litres clean water per day, says Lars Johansson, project manager for international missions at Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The water cleaning aggregates have earlier been used for catastrophe aid to Burma. One aggregate is currently in Haiti.


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