Swedish Imams condemn the suicide bomber

Sweden | 2010-12-12 | 37 comments
Two Imams in Sweden have now publicly condemned the suicide bomb attack in Stockholm. The bomb attack took place in central Stockholm yesterday around five pm and two persons were lightly wounded except for the suicide bomber who died.

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The Imam of the biggest Mosque in Stockholm, Södermalmsmoskén, sheik Hassan Moussa, condemns the suicide bomb attack in Stockholm yesterday.

He writes in an email to Swedish news agency TT that Sweden's security and stability is a religious responsibility and condems '...all forms of abuse, violence, intimidation and threats against innocent people no matter what the motive is.'

Another Imam, Abd Haqq Kielan, chairman of Svensk islamisk samling, says to TT that islam always rejects terrorism:

- When it is done in the name of the religion, I get upset, he says to TT.

Readers' comments

2010-12-20 09:45 Garry Lawson wrote:
Imam might condemn it, but when it happened their would have been cheers inside their mosques. Talk is cheap especially from some certain religious groups.
2010-12-18 15:02 Ahmad wrote:
As a European Muslim I condem this crime. There is no place for such a mentality here in Europe. Its the duty of the European muslims before anybody else to fight those terorrist criminals and to protect our societies from them. And for all those who speaks about muslims with bad words and take the opportunity to express their sick hatered. This crazy man could kill alot of muslims also in Stockholm with him. Stockholm is full of Iraqis and muslims. So be fair. We could be victims too.
2010-12-15 15:31 robert wrote:
Muslims a peaceful religion - We see often news alike today: Shiite Muslims are commemorating Imam Hussein killed in Chabahar. Suicide bomb Muslims, just outside the Imam Hussein Mosque, killed at least 38 people and injured dozens more. History tells us also that in the VII century Omar and Ali were also killed by Muslims. As they kill themselves and people from others religions the question is what do they mean by “peaceful’.
2010-12-14 15:39 Alon wrote:
To H. Omar:Let me explain to you what is going on in Afghanistan:There are those crazy Muslim Talibans minority who make the Afghans miserable and run there terror camps for terrorists from all over the world.In addition,the Taliban sponsor themselves by growing Opium and sell it to the "corrupted west".I would agree one thing,get out of Afghanistan,Iraq and anywhere,but close the gates to all of you so you can kill each other peacefully and leave us alone.People like you would never understand!
2010-12-14 11:30 Walid wrote:
There are not enough words to describe how I feel about this. As an Iraqi European I´m trying my best to build a future here in Europe for my children and wife. These extremist salafists have no place in Europe or anywhere else in the world for that matter. For the sake of our children stop this senseless violence! Enough is enough, Muslims need to collaborate against this threat and report these idiots to the police before the whole of Europe starts a lynch mob.
2010-12-14 10:51 Vit wrote:
ask the immans what they mean by innocent. In islam innocent means believer. The Quran has over 109 versus that call for waging war and violence against the non believer whether christian, jew, budist, or athiest. Ask them specifically if the Quran and Islam forbid violence against any person with the acception of soldiers with guns. Ask them about little kids in Beslan, ask them about monk in Turkey, ask them about chritian cleaning girl in pakitan
2010-12-14 07:07 labanya wrote:
wake up sweden you must be hindus& christians how great they are.
2010-12-14 01:03 H. Omar wrote:
Well said Hassan, how can the Swedes say they are innocent or peaceful when they are supporting the aggressors in Afghanistan!! Sweden should wake up and realize that as long as they support aggression against Islam than such tragic events will continue. SWEDEN, wake up and start treating your immigrants with more tolerance and stop supporting aggression against Islam otherwise expect more like this!!
2010-12-13 17:27 Waters wrote:
@ Evan: Absolute!
2010-12-13 16:59 Dyupont wrote:
Alah is great and doesn´t sleep: the first lost his foot; the second his testicules; the third his life. Swedish society took care of this guy much better than his own country and instead of saying thanks he would like kill them. Alah gave already several strong signals to disapprouve such acts. Go to work on the building construction, is less risky for everybody.
2010-12-13 16:54 Alon wrote:
Where were those Imams before?The Mosqs are a place where all the "bad" ideas are emerged and they brain wash potential terrorists with ideas of how to become suicide bombers.In Israel we have a joke:When a depressed non-Muslim goes to a shrink, the shrink tries to convince him not to kill himself and to make the most of his life.When a depressed Muslim goes to a local shrink,the shrink asks him:"On which shopping center were you thinking about?".funny, but sad in reality
2010-12-13 15:41 Asif wrote:
First let me tell you, my grand parents belong to India. We are Rajput converted from hinduism. Sufis spread Islam in India, Read your history.... you watch your own indian movies to learn how Muslim treated Hindus... Can you tell me what peaceful hindus did Gujrat few years ago? and with Christians? watch?v=y0FLW_OSKdA watch?v=n-Tcw6F_FGA I will not blame religion, but People who use religion for their wrong doings...
2010-12-13 14:57 Santosh from ASIA wrote:
It is very clear that ASIF does not know the history of India nor Spain. If he does, then what he is trying to put forward is untrue. Many Hindus in India were converted by force. Those who resisted were put to the sword. Islam is anything but peaceful. Even in this modern world, how many lives are lost when Muslims try to CONVERT OUT OF ISLAM. The greatest gift GOD has given me is NOT BEING BORN INTO ISLAM. All religions in the world are peaceful and God-fearing EXCEPT ISLAM.
2010-12-13 14:47 Santosh from ASIA wrote:
It is disheartening to find that comments posted never gets printed. What I am trying to plead to you Swedish folks is that YOU open your eyes and ears and see what is Islam doing to the rest of Europe. IT IS KILLING EUROPE in a slow but sure stranglehold that you guys have afforded Islam - the right to exist and grow. Geert Wilders is a blessing to the Dutch people and he has pointed out the harm that Islam will bring to your doors. See what has happened in your own country. TIME TO WAKE UP?
2010-12-13 14:00 Stockholm News wrote:
Abu Tabib, read our policy for comments below and you will know why your comments were not published. We do not publish comments when one and the same person (the same IP-number) write many similar comments under different signatures under the same article. You are not the only one who breaks this rule; if we detect it we remove these comments. We also do not publish if the writer deviate from topic or use an inapropriate language. Read the full policy below. Best regards.
2010-12-13 13:45 mehrdad wrote:
sweden is (along with norway) the most antiisraeli and antisemitic country in europe. but even that appeasement does not protect sweden from the islamic terror. time to think about that and to think about the questtion if israel is the enemy of swedish way of life or a political ideology named islam.
2010-12-13 13:40 Abu Tabib wrote:
I posted 2 yesterday and you moderators did not post them because they were negative about Sweden. Shame on you.
2010-12-13 12:05 Asif wrote:
@facts! which is the biggest muslim country in the world? Indonesia? who attacked this country to convert them? which part of india was not ruled by Muslims? My forefather were converted by force, we are Rajput which is considered most sacred hindu cast in India... so spread lies... Islam doesn´t teach violance. If there is violance in afghanistan and Iraq or in neighbouring countries, its because of war. If Russia attack US and kill people there. All American will become terrorists, religion?
2010-12-13 10:27 Azbjorn wrote:
Why would anyone want to terror-bomb Sweden? And what kind of explosives were used? Where did the explosives come from? Smuggled from outside Sweden? Or supplied from inside? Why would anyone want to bomb Sweden? In my opinion, one thing is certain: non-Muslims in Europe are afraid that their relatively homogeneous society is being over-run by "foreigners." And maybe they should feel threatened. Maybe Islam is an aggressive expansionist religion. But the Sufi version of Islam is pure nutrition!
2010-12-13 10:18 American Swede wrote:
When Muslims publicly march in the streets, condemning violence and start turning in these terrorist, then their good words will be backed by good deeds. Let them condemn the imams calling for violent jihad against the West. Let them state they are not for imposing Sharia / Islamic law in Western nations - by any means. Until then these are just empty words.
2010-12-13 08:33 alex wrote:
Asif: It´s Taqiyya & Kitman when you say Islam teaches "killing of a single innocent is killing of whole humanity": the Koran 5:32-35 qualifies that injunction: "Those who make war against Allah and His Apostle (Mohamed) and spread disorder in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the land." In Islam, not being a Muslim is considered being "at war with Allah and Mohamed". A non-Muslim is not an ´innocent in Islamic text
2010-12-13 07:05 Richard wrote:
Love each other more when someone shakes the stability in the country! Then you can be protected more! By love more you gain peace more!
2010-12-13 06:10 Hidden secrets wrote:
It’s a conspiracy to give the blame to the Muslim community and creating an issues against Islam.
2010-12-13 04:44 Hasan Hussein, Cincinnati, USA wrote:
All Muslims condemn attacks like these. One of the things that irks me is when it´s said that these haram-cases "hijacked the religion". No such thing. That is no different than saying the Nazis hijacked Christianity because they portrayed themselves as defenfers of Christians against "godless communism" and syphlus. Also, how can Sweden pretend to be a "peaceful, open society" when it has sent 500 troops to Afghanistan in support of the American military offensives?
2010-12-13 04:42 Jensen wrote:
UK property is being searched as part of probe into car bombing in Sweden - BBC
2010-12-13 04:24 Lars wrote:
Sickness, How many more are waiting to do the same thing ?
2010-12-13 00:53 Facts wrote:
In reply to Asif, Get your facts stratight. Muslims never ruled india. They occupied parts of India but never ruled the whole of India. As for converting Hindus; yes they tried. Millions were converted forcibly. There is no way for India to have Hindus left had they "ruled" India. You guys convert by intimidation and violence wherever you go. ANY QUESTIONS AS TO WHY PEIOPLE HATE ISLAM?
2010-12-12 23:36 Justice wrote:
These Imams are deceitful, these young people sacrificing themselves for nothing are just pawns in a plan hatched by these old men.
2010-12-12 23:15 Asif wrote:
Please dont abuse Islam. Muslims ruled India for more than a 850 years, and Spain for hundreds of years..they did any injustice? billion of hindus were impossible to convert in 850 years in india? True islam doesn´t teach violance, Alex is refering wrong islam which he read from propganda website... Killing of a single innoncent is killing of whole humanity,this is real Islam.. We all muslim condemn terrorism.Who is the victim of terrorism?more than 20000 people died in pakistan in suicde attack
2010-12-12 22:40 faraz malik wrote:
being a muslim i really condem the blasts who ever they are ..forsure they are not muslims and All Pakistanis love sweden n have sorrow with the effective people
2010-12-12 20:23 Max wrote:
How come these Imams are not active in eliminating the terrorists. The fact is that they pray together at the Mosques (on Fridays)with these criminals and secretly support them. I can only be convinced that they are concerned the day they will bring information to authorities leading to neutralization of these animals. For now, these Imams are as guilty as sin!
2010-12-12 18:56 atheist antiimperialist wrote:
Time for Sweden to be neutral from any war, bring back soldiers and let corporations make profit without military support. War produce insecurity, revenge, etc, and only corporations and politicians make profit from war. Swedish soldiers and Swedish weapon sold to USA kill people in Afghanistan, don´t be surprised when revenge come to you.
2010-12-12 18:52 alex wrote:
Jihad is central to Islam and an obligation for all Muslims; it means fighting "For Allah´s Cause": to bring all people to ´islam´(´submission´ in Arabic). When an imam condemns ´terrorism´ (he can´t and won´t condemn Jihad) he is using ´taqiyya´ (deceit mandated in the Koran to advance Islam) and ´kitman´ (withholding of full facts). Throughout the Koran and Hadiths, "For Allah´s Cause" is warfare with full force of arms;non-violent jihad is also used: demanding non-Muslims accept Sharia.
2010-12-12 16:58 America101 wrote:
Condemnation isn´t enough - if Islam is to be respected by the world as a legitimate way of living life, Islam must come forward and take an active role in cleaning up this Jihadist mess!
2010-12-12 16:21 Mohammed wrote:
Good to hear the Imams condemn this, any Muslim with a bit of faith should be condemning any acts of violence targeted at innocent people. I live in Sweden and love this country, I dont know why this so called Jihadists would even target Sweden - such a peaceful country.
2010-12-12 14:07 H. Muhammad wrote:
I get "upset" when I sit in traffic or when my coffee is cold. Getting upset over a murder is hardly a rousing condemnation.
2010-12-12 13:32 evan wrote:
if you go to sleep with a snake, don´t be surprised when he bites you.

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