Chinese exchange student murdered in Örebro

Sweden | 2011-04-01 | 14 comments
A 24 year old female exchange student from China was murdered in Örebro, 200 km west of Stockholm yesterday.

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The murder took place in Brickebacken outside the city center, where many exchange students live. Since it happened in the middle of the afternoon, there were many witnesses.

Another exchange student has admitted that he killed the woman. Witnesses say the woman was lying on the ground when the man stabbed her in the chest. Several people ran to the man and held him until the police and ambulance arrived. The woman later passed away at the hospital.

John Hamben from the Chinese National Federation in Sweden says to local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda that the motive seems to have been that the woman had rejected the man.

Readers' comments

2011-04-21 04:25 gia wrote:
this is terrible. ......a very similar case happened to a 23yo chinese exchange student in Toronto Canada yesterday but much worst is that the killer attack her while she was chatting with her boyfriend in China and her boyfriend witnessed almost the whole event, he tried to call her friends in Canada but was out of luck because of the time different :(
2011-04-09 12:15 hunter2003 wrote:
It is just a isolated case.I think most Chinese students receiving education in China are awesome.
2011-04-09 06:20 Karl af Kina wrote:
YES We have a long history, but NEVER has it been as dark as the latest 62 years. Communists dont just take away our money, but our heart. The Chinese people, friendly in nature, have been suppressed by the totalitarian regime. Imagine your son was poisoned by a milk powder manufacturer and you complain about it in public, and what? You are arrested. When the alike happan every day, one can turn into a devil when something sparks their nerve. I am not only living in China, I grew up there.
2011-04-08 18:35 Sam wrote:
This things happen every where. I am living in china and Chinese people is very friendly. Please don"t complaint about china. They have 4000 years history.
2011-04-08 08:58 Karl af Kina wrote:
If this happens in China it won´t be as shocking, because similar news happen very frequently. We Chinese had had a Confucius tradition of mutual respect and humamity, until the commies wiped it all away after the fall of china in 1949. people living in a civilised world cannot understand how the education (aka brainwashing) in communist china ruins the our lives and spirits. I feel sad for the girl.
2011-04-07 16:21 margaret wrote:
i donot agree withj what the An old Chinese the first person said,this kind of thing happens in nearly every counteies,notonly chinese people,and chinese education
2011-04-07 04:27 grace2k wrote:
Selfish and cold-blooded murderer.No excuse.
2011-04-06 11:22 An old Chinese wrote:
This kind incident is popular in China. The real murderer is the communist governemt. The communist education system in order to make people to follow the communist dictatorship senses has made young Chinese without respect other´s life because without sense about human rights without the sense to respect human right. Worldwide people shoud condemn the communist dictatorship education for their responsibility to cause this murder.
2011-04-05 11:57 jesus wrote:
This murder is inhuman and he kind of brainless person. At first, I thought is this girl was cheated him in their relationship. Who knows it just she say ´´NO´´?? Then he ended her life...he might be very regret now, hopefully!!
2011-04-04 17:45 mathieu wrote:
this is really sad.... why somebody just take another one live away because she doesnt want to have a relationship with him.. must been a very strange man i guess
2011-04-02 16:54 lee wrote:
truely sad to the girl. Hope government is gonna do something really significant punishment to the criminal
2011-04-02 15:09 B wrote:
Let´s hope this character spends many many years one of those small rooms with a small window and a heavy door, somewhere in Sweden. Her family deserve this sign repect.
2011-04-02 08:55 Exchange student in Stockholm wrote:
What will happen with they guy who stabbed her to death? Prison in Sweden?
2011-04-01 22:39 Swede wrote:
This is really sad news. My thoughts go to her family and friends.

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