New leader for the Social Democratic Youth League

Politics | 2007-08-01

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The Swedish Social Democratic Youth League (SSU) will elect a new leader next week.  Last year the previous chairman Anna Sjödin had to resign after a trial in the Stockholm district court where she was convicted of abusing and insulting a night club security guard.

Two women are racing for the position; Laila Naraghi, 25 years old from Oskarshamn and Jytte Guteland, 27 years old from Huddinge.

As often when SSU is electing a new leader there are dirty campaigns on both sides. Both Naraghi and Guteland claims to have received nasty telephone calls and that false rumour about them have been spread.

Even the leadership of the Social democratic party is accused of being involved. SSU has earlier reported a much larger number of members than they actually have in order to get more founds from the government. Naraghi was a part of the police preliminary investigation around this affair but that investigation has been cancelled. Now her campaign accuses the Social democratic party leadership for bringing up these suspicions in order to get Guteland elected.

The traditional cleavage within SSU is between a so called left wing and a right wing. Both these candidates are however considered belonging to the right wing.

By tradition the leader of SSU goes on to prominent positions in the state after their term. Many has become ministers or members of parliament.


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