Stockholm Pride Festival has started

Stockholm | 2007-08-02

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The Stockholm pride festival started yesterday. The opening speech was held by former football star Glenn Hysén, a decision that has been somewhat controversial.

Hysén was involved in an incident a few years ago when he punched down a man who according to Hysén "took a firm grip of my genitals" at a urinal at the airport in Frankfurt. The incident has been seen as proof of Hyséns homophobia but he himself doubts the guy even was homosexual and claims self defence.

Hyséns speech was however much appreciated. He spoke about homophobia in the sports and about the importances that homosexuals can be open with their sexual preferences even if they play in a fooball- or ice hockey team with traditional macho jargon.

The Stockholm pride has been arranged every year since 1989 and is the biggest pride festival in Scandinavia. The parade will take place at 2 pm on Saturday


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