Ethiopia does not want Swedish journalists in sensitive trial

Culture | 2011-10-10 | 42 comments

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No Swedish journalists have gotten visa to Ethiopia as they intend to be present in the trial against the two Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson who are currently in jail in Ethiopia. The two Swedish journalists were arrested when they travelled in the disputed Ogaden-area to investigate alleged crimes against the civilian population from the Ethiopian state. But the two Swedish journalists travelled imbedded in the guerilla movement of the Ogaden area and therefore they are prosecuted not only for entering the country illegally but also for terrorism.

- If Swedish journalists are not allowed into the country, we will not know what is happening, says Ola Larsmo, writer and chairman of the Swedish Pen to Dagens Nyheter.

Journalists from Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television, Dagens Nyheter and TT have applied for visa so they can be present at the trial which will take place in 18 October. The two journalists risk 18 years in Ethiopian prison.

Readers' comments

2012-03-29 15:38 Kathy wrote:
This is cool!
2011-10-20 10:35 Misgana wrote:
western nations including Sween should refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of developing countries. Ethiopia now is in a better economic situation than before and should be commended for it. The so called journalists are aiding the terorist organization and must get fair trial
2011-10-19 21:26 Ahmed wrote:
The westren countries were milking millions of dollars to the dictator of Ethiopia so let them pay the price. Sweden knew what is going on Ogaden state and Sweden has been giving aide to Ethiopia regardless the uprooting policy by Meles was doing.
2011-10-18 15:55 Melesen Asayute wrote:
I would like to express my deepest regret on the trial on Swedish journalists. Thus, recommend that not Sewdish, but all government of the world should forward sanction on Ethiopian officials and blocking aids. This is the only solution to weaken the EPRDF government to throw the yolk from Ethiopian people. We Ethiopian kindly request your support to end up the miseries of Melse Zenawi government. It is time to start war against Melese and his followers.
2011-10-13 23:27 Ethiopiannnn wrote:
Hey guys, plz try to analyze things and be reasonable for what you guys are saying.Most of you guys are trying to ´vomit´ your hatred on this specific commentary.Please search someother place or go to the toilet.This is place is for those guys who can reason out things and analyze. some of you enemies of Ethiopia you will see that you are a loser very very soon.GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA
2011-10-13 07:07 peter.nancy@y mail wrote:
whatever so many are writing on gadaa is none sense.what boundarys do these people know (the racest waynes ? yes their judgement might be delayed but God assure st us its a sure thing .
2011-10-13 05:33 solomon wrote:
Melse himself knows in his heart these poor dedicated Journalists are not terrorists.This case depicts what a crazy dictator Melse has become.It serves as wake up call for Swedish Authorities,especialy MIgration Board,that grossly rejects deserving Ethiopan asylum seekers saying Ethiopia enjoys reasonable governance respecting human and civil rights.I hope now they will see the true color of Melse when their own citizens stand such a ridiculous show trial,feeding Melse´s ego& subdue his people.
2011-10-12 18:13 Alem wrote:
Here is the real Meles for you. He call jailed Swedish journalists "terror accomplices" before they even appear before a court of justice. We thought any one is presumed innocent until proven guilty!!
2011-10-12 06:33 Jewisman wrote:
Westren Nations Are Spending A Billions Of dollars To Ethiopia To Keep The Dictator In Ethiopia In Power And He Can Kill All The People Of Ethiopian. Oromo,Somale,Anuak.South Omo People, The Citizen Of Ethiopia Are Been Killing By Dictator Meles Is Genocide Taken Place In Those People Aera Those Citizen Of Ethiopa !!
2011-10-12 00:52 Umar wrote:
Let as say, the two Swedish Journalist entered Ethiopia illigelly,what about all the NGOs and Human Right Organizations that were denied access into the Ogaden What about Jeffy Gentle men of the NT ? Ethiopia is an prison that need that must be oppened up so the prisoners can be freed. The two brave jouRnaliST were trying to break up the gate of the prison unfortunately the guard was not at sleep.
2011-10-11 22:20 Ali Mahammed wrote:
Swedish government must stop give aide to the crime leader of Ethiopian regime Melez. They should know that he uses the aide to kill innocent civilians population in Ogaden. This is a document crime by Human right watch & Amnesty International. He should be tried in Haag.
2011-10-11 18:03 T .E wrote:
shame up on you! specially those of you who claim that you are an Ethiopian. How can this be handled if an Ethiopian threatens the security of Sweden by interring illegally with a group who kills innocents by the name of Liberation. We love our Country Ethiopia.
2011-10-11 17:42 Red Robbin wrote:
The Ethiopian government has restricted the Ogaden region not only to journalists but also to aid organizations including the Red Cross. These Journalists reached the Ogaden region using the only possible way that existed. The Ethiopian government is playing the same card it uses to silence the local free media and opposition parties by charging them with its controversial anti-terrorism law.
2011-10-11 14:44 Yigermal wrote:
This is what the Ethiopian people and especially Ethiopian Journalists are suffering day-in-day-out. Complete oppression of civil rights by the EPRDF government. What can the Nordic countries can do to protect the rights of their own nationals is something everyone of us are waiting to find out from this trial.
2011-10-11 14:09 Kuu Kii wrote:
This is what it means to be dealing with minority barbarian medieval tyrannical bad government and bad governance that have been and is still torching and dehumanizing 80 million Ethiopians for the last 20 long years. As you see, the actions of tyrants are not limited to the locals but also stretches far and wide just similar to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Bye the way, where are they currently so that tyrant Meles may be advised to follow them. :)
2011-10-11 12:22 Sharmarke wrote:
Meles said in his latest interview in Oslo that no one is dinied to visit Ethiopia and here it shows how he lies .. we know that he was/is a marxisit revolutionery who believes in what Linin said about the capitalists who prepare the rope of their hanging.
2011-10-11 11:26 chala wrote:
let think with our head not with our stomach. there unlawful act here.Even if they are journalists they have committed a crime, there is no justification for their deed. Sovereignty is not for sale. Asking for forgiveness to this ambitious journalist is another matter. So this is not time to ref elect our political view while those two young journalists are behind bars. Let us think and think with our heads.
2011-10-11 09:59 Leule Yohannes wrote:
Rule of law has to be bide ,sovereignty of people has to be respected if not, it is all but impossible to dream on space that to obey one another based on mutual interest .This has to be the consent of the two brother people ,these Swedish journalists directly plundered the peoples´ sovereignty as a result they needed to treat by the Ethiopian court.there has ,needles to say ,been great deal of disappointment between the two countries.
2011-10-11 09:55 Abyssinia Ethiopia wrote:
What a Shameful comment is from the "HAMASEN" (ERITREAN) @ Tesfalem Kedane. We Ethiopiand DIN´T, DON´T and WILL NEVER EVER sell our country to money, Unlike the Eritreans do welcoming their masters. So, as we do have long history of Law & Order, we Ethiopians want to see the Rule of Law.
2011-10-11 09:42 adolf wrote:
That is what you get for entering a sovereign country illegally! Got it?
2011-10-11 09:28 SAMtheGR8 wrote:
Samatar What a Bozo. This is Ethiopia not Somali. You do not mess with Ethiopia like that, if you do you will pay the price. Weight? Kidding me, right? There is a law in this nation and that will descend upon anybody guity, whoever they are.
2011-10-11 08:58 ANDUALEM A wrote:
You guys who are writing blindly, please try to not to forget and realize that what Ethiopian government and people were cost; and saved in the history of Ethiopia for the sovereignty of the nation. No external power could do nothing to negotiate and divert their national interests for the trash profit. The government of Ethiopia is not ready enough to heard and put in action the interest of others on its people. Weather they are from USA or Mars;or soever,just bear in mind that they couldn´t ..
2011-10-11 08:57 tamrat wrote:
Ethiopia is a sovereign country, those so called journalists enter ethiopia illegally to give a midea covarage for the weak ONLF terrorist group funded by europe based radical somalis. ethiopia doesnt want a witness for its own way of dimocracy & legal system. GO TO THE DARK & LOCKED COUNTRY CALLED ERITREA WHICH HELD A SWEDISH JOURNALIST DAWIT ISSAK IN PRINSON FOR MORE THAN 10 YRS WITH OUT ANY CHARGE. its better to praise ethiopia for having conducive legal inviroment for westerners.
2011-10-11 08:33 untouchable_9 wrote:
The TPLF Gorrilla group in the 80´s and 90´s was a terrorist group throughout its Armed Struggle in Ethiopia but ONLF or any Liberation Front group are terrorists to Meles. I am sure that the math goes both sides. TPLF has no legitimate authority in classifying any group whether it is a terrorist or not because TPLF itself had/has been catagorized as "Terrorist". I applaud the Swedish Journalists for what they did with Visa or without Visa .They are in the hands of the Meles-the-Terrorist.
2011-10-11 07:17 Zen wrote:
Ethiopia does not have significant relations with Sweden in terms of aid or development assistance, which is why the Ethiopian government closed its embassy in Sweden. However, if it comes down to the wire, our security is more important than the aid.
2011-10-11 06:16 Meda wrote:
Any person has to enter to any country acording to z countr´s law and legally. This warks to anybody whether a jornalist or other. The arrest of z journalists in z ogaden is true and true. We will not sell our country interms of z ethio-sweedish economic r/n ship.
2011-10-11 04:10 alyare wrote:
Ethiopians live on handouts donated by international communities including Sweden, so they should not behave like if they can live by themselves or can support themselves. we all know that Ethiopian in generally and Woyane regime particularly need handouts from western world, therefore should respect them and let the journalists go home immediately.
2011-10-11 03:50 Tewodros hussein wrote:
By international laws, they will deal for illegal embedding, if the sweden government involve that is make us bad the relations. Respect who we are, the government of ethiopia decide. One thing in between the dictator of eritrean waged all necessary terrorism for ethiopia by supporting alshabab, the sweden government nothing do. Government of sweden ain´t do nothing for eritrean terrorism action for those who live eritreans and alshabab groups somalian. For this action of complain take the risk
2011-10-11 03:43 Do the Crime, Do the Time wrote:
Only White people think they can enter poor country at night with known terrorists from Somalia carrying guns, and expect to go free when caught. This is real life, not Hollywood movie.
2011-10-11 02:31 Me wrote:
What be my fate if entered sweden illegally with guns and armed groups trying to break up sweeden?
2011-10-11 00:45 Samuel wrote:
for ethiopia, the rebels in ogaden area are like al qaeda terrorists, so the journalists must be STUPID to go into war place with terrorists. shame on them!! now they have to pay for their stupid actions
2011-10-11 00:40 Netsanet Kibru wrote:
This is how Ethiopian Journalists, especially citizens with dissent and oposition poleticians going through every day. However, thanks to God this has created a better opportunity for the world especially, European Poleticians that ofcourse had lack of enough information about the bucher Meles Zenawi regime. through
2011-10-10 23:31 Arbe wrote:
I believe because of religion Ethiopia dictator received money from west countries including Sweden to kill innocent people. Melez Zenawi him self entered Ogaden Region illigally, so he does not have right to charge the two Swedish journalists. If these journalists were from USA they were not humiliated by dictator who get help from western counters. Arbe
2011-10-10 21:53 Tyrant Zenawi wrote:
Meles Zenawi is Africa´s most brutal tyrant. This man is conducting a GENOCIDE in the Ogaden and the Swedish Government is funding his brutal monster. Tyrant Zenawi has made Ethiopia Africa´s hell hole. We have mass refugees fleeing in all directions, mass grave sites, rebel groups taken up arms against the tribal dictator, highest prostitution figures world wide, etc. Shame on the Swedish Government and media for funding, supporting and not being critical against tyrant Meles Zenawi.
2011-10-10 21:08 abdikarim wrote:
Western Nations are Spending Billions of Dollars to Keep Dictator in Power in Ethiopia so he can kill All Somali Speaking in Ogaden.There is Genocide taken place in Ogaden and we all know that
2011-10-10 18:11 Suhulmichael Abai wrote:
Those so called jornalists took a chance with their lives when decided to enter Ethiopia illegally and with armed terrorists who were ready to do hurm to the Ethiopian people. On the videos they had they were shown training with the terrorists. @Tesfalem Kedane you are not Ethiopian. Your name is Tigrigna and it is not from Tigrai Tigrigna. You are Eritrean pretending to be Ethiopian to spread your government propoganda. Need to know more google Tigrai Online.
2011-10-10 18:01 David Stein wrote:
Do Swedish journalists have the right to violate a poor country´s laws because Sweden happens to provide financial aid to that country? It is an absolute shame for people to think that their money can buy them absolute immunity. This issue could and should be solved using quiet diplomacy. If anyone is thinking that they can threaten the Ethiopians using aid money, they never understood what aid it meant.
2011-10-10 17:37 Yilma wrote:
you are not Ethiopian Kedane, you are Eritrean, it is illigal to go to any country illigally, the Nordic country will deport you, wether you are a jornalist or not , they will deport you if you enter their country illgally, so you better shutup
2011-10-10 17:28 Goshu Bereded wrote:
I think the Swedish govt backs the terrorist groups of Ogaden region, otherwise why do they need to enter into a country illegally, when they can get visa formally. the same work when an ethiopian enters sweden illegally. so, any other citizen they shall pass through the court. we will see what will gonna happen.
2011-10-10 17:26 Samatar wrote:
It is realy shame that Woyane regime has taken money from Swedish people every year humilate their citizens in concentration camps in Addisababa.And also doesn´t respect Swedish diplomats. I ask my self how Meles can ignore the Swedish weight in the world or at least their influence in Europe where he get every year billions of Euro.
2011-10-10 16:17 A.K wrote:
This is a teachable moment for Sweden and the rest of the world what Ethiopian[s] journalists go through each day. May be now you understand when we raise our voices that it is indeed serious.
2011-10-10 15:15 Tesfalem Kedane wrote:
I am an Ethiopian and would like to see that the Nordic country should threaten the dictator in Ethiopia either to release these journalist immediately or the money he takes in the name of Ethiopian (ODA from Nordic country) but diverts to his Tigray will stop flowing. He is playing game with justice and do not play along with him. As we speak Norway

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