Suicide bomber given money by companion

Stockholm | 2011-11-17
The 2010 Stockholm Suicide bomber, Taimour Abdulwahab, received more than SEK 60,000 from his companion in Scotland. This argues the Scottish prosecutors, who now presents evidence of how the accused Nasserdine Menni supported his friend in Sweden.

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Already in January 2003, Taimour Abdulwahab, who blew himself to death in Stockholm, and the man who now stands trial for aiding him, started to plan the future act of terrorism. This argues the prosecution at Glasgow High Court, where a first preliminary trial hearing was held on Wednesday afternoon.

In March, Scottish police seized the man who in court is termed Nasserdine Menni. Now he is on trial, suspected of having helped in the planning and financing of the Stockholm deed. Menni, whose birth date is unknown to the court, have used seven more names.

The indictment shows that the police in Glasgow was on the tracks of Menni already one week after the blast attack in Stockholm. On December 18, he was interrogated by two policemen. Menni then asked to wash and pray in peace, when he is said to have used the privacy to remove Taimour Abdulwahab name and photos from his mobile phone.

The Scottish prosecutors also went over Abdulwahab’s mactions. The same day he blew himself up, Abdulwahab called a cell phone that was in Iraq. He also received a call from Iraq, and then repeatedly tried to call Menni.

Abdulwahab is also said to have been trained in terrorism in Syria and Iraq during the summer of 2009.

On November 19, he travelled to Stockholm, where he bought a car, three pressure cookers, fireworks, nails, and ball bearings - all intended to be included into explosive charges, the prosecution claimed.

The court document states that Abdulwahad parked the car containing a home-made explosive device, then set it on fire in an attempt to detonate the home-made explosive device. This is information previously not made known to the public.

He then moved on foot to an area for pedestrians, and tried that repeatedly detonate the home-made explosives he was wearing on his body.

The purpose was to kill people from the public, but it was only himself who died when a charge finally triggered.

A new preliminary hearing will be held on January 18 next year. This means that either the defence, or the prosecution, or both parties, does not yet consider themselves to be ready for a main hearing, but have requested more time to complete the various legal processes in the investigation.

Sources: TT, Dagens Nyheter


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