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Massive computer failure at major IT-supplier

Sweden | 2011-11-29 | 1 comment
The Government Offices, the SBAB Bank, the National Research Council, the Motor Vehicle Inspection, and Sweden´s largest pharmacy are just some of the victims of a massive computer failure at the IT company Tieto.

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A total of 50 clients, from local governments to state agencies and major companies, are affected by the failure and no one knows when the problems can be solved.

Since last Saturday, Apoteket, Sweden's largest pharmacy chain, has had problems to disclose prescription drugs to its customers. At the the Motor Vehicle Inspection has the operational disturbances led to serious delays.

The city administration in Stockholm has had breakdowns of both the web and the Intranet. The failure has also posed problems for the state owned bank SBAB and its clients since last Friday.

“It mostly affects the mortgage section. Our customers can not take out new loans or apply for a loan commitment. Other services we can handle,” says Bernd Schmitz, press officer at SBAB Bank to the news agency TT.

Also the Government Offices are using Tieto's services.

“We are customers of Tieto, but we do not comment on any operational problems,” says Peter Wahlquist, section chief of the Information Department, and refers to the security aspect.

But Tieto has no forecast for when the problem could be resolved.

“It remains quite a lot of work before we are up. It is a very complex problem, which we have not encountered before,” says Mikael Jupiter, operations manager at the company.

The Authority for Civil Contingencies (MSB) is in a dialogue with some of the public organizations affected.

"There is a big risk when using more and more of the same services, but the responsibility to make a proper risk and vulnerability assessment lies on the individual authority or company," said Richard Oehm, Head of Information Security at the MSB.

He believes that there is a growing importance of IT security, especially with all the IT-services provided by authorities.

“This is a clear example of when one have failed to fully do the homework.”


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