Minister wants to forbid "early retirement" of young people.

Politics | 2007-08-10

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During the last 12 months 7000 Swedes younger than 29 years old were granted so called aktivitetsersättning, earlier referred to as early retirement, from the Swedish Insurance Office. That means that they are considered incapable of getting any sort of job at the labour market and therefore get their support from the government. It could be of various reasons. The problem is that many people in this group have difficulties ever getting back to the labour market.

Cristina Husmark Pehrsson, Minister of social security

Photo: Hanna Teleman

Now the minister of social security, Mrs Cristina Husmark Pehrsson wants to initiate a law that forbids this measure. She says to Rapport that putting young people in “early retirement” is like putting a stamp on them that they are not needed. Some people are early retired only because a small psychological problem or even because of a background which makes it less likely that they will find a job according to the minister.


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