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Politics | 2007-08-12

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Yesterday Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and the Social democratic leader Mona Sahlin both held political speeches in Stockholm. Today the leader of the Left party, Lars Ohly, spoke in Gnesta a few miles north of the capital.

Ohly has said he does not want a joint program with the Social democrats before the next general election. The diversity in the programs between the Left party, the greens and the Social democrats has been seen as one reason for their loss in last September’s election.

Lars Ohly, chairman of the Left party


Today Ohly criticised both the Centre-right government and the Social democrats. He claimed that it is wrong to reduce taxes, especially taxes on real estate, as long as problems remain in the school and health care systems.

According to Ohly the previous Social democratic government created the base that made it possible for the present government to conduct this policy. They deregulated the telephone- and electricity markets and made it easier for capital to flow across the borders. Also the EU-positive attitude among the government and the Social democrats were criticised.

Ohly deliberatively avoided concrete proposals. The Left party has a congress next summer and their program will be shaped then. It is however clear that Ohly wants to increase taxes. Many analysts doubts that the Social democrats want to meet the voters in 2010 with this demand. So this might be an obstacle for the opposition when the election comes


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